Safe Visitor Mobile App

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Safe Visitor Mobile App

Safe Visitor: New App Update

The SafeVisitor Mobile app is used by volunteers to simplify the process of checking into a location. The user of this app will be able to activate and use a barcode to check in / check out.

Below are instructions on how to add the mobile app to your mobile device home screen for easy access. Instructions are provided for both Apple and Android devices.

·Apple – Safari

Open Safari browser and navigate to At the bottom of the screen, you will need to select the send icon. For Apple devices you must use the Safari browser. Chrome will not give the option to save to the home screen. This will open a screen where you can scroll down and select Add to Home Screen

·Android – Chrome

Open Chrome browser and navigate to At the bottom of the screen, you should see the option to Add Safe Visitors to Home Screen


After you have added the App to your home screen close your browser and access the App from the home screen icon before adding your badge to the mobile app. In some instances, adding the badge while still in the browser and then creating the Home Screen icon will result in the loss of the badge information and require setting up a second time. Best practice is to add the app to the Home Screen first then add your badge to avoid this happening.



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